The Diana Podolyanchuk Charity Fund announces a fundraiser for 1,000,000 UAH to finance a platform that helps Russian soldiers surrender and replenish the Ukrainian exchange fund, and expedites the return of Ukrainian defenders from Russian captivity.

The Coordination Center for dealing with POWs is doing everything possible to bring our defenders home quickly. Among other things, they are implementing a project for the voluntary surrender of Russian servicemen called ‘Want to Live.’

Through chatbots, phone calls, or messengers, Russian servicemen can contact the operational staff of the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for voluntary surrender. This way, they save their lives and increase our POW exchange fund.

The Diana Podolyanchuk Charity Fund announces a fundraiser to finance the team that promotes this project online and creates materials that encourage Russian servicemen to surrender and replenish our exchange fund.

This team conducts advertising campaigns seen by millions of people in Russia and temporarily occupied territories, and tirelessly overcomes the resistance of Roskomnadzor, which constantly blocks their resources. Here is their statistics for the year (September 2022 – September 2023):

→ 48.2 million views

→ 25,223 applications for surrender

→ 1,072 people currently awaiting evacuation

→ 216 people have already replenished the exchange fund.

Some Russians surrender with equipment. For example, as part of the high-profile operation ‘Synytsia,’ Ukraine also received a Russian Mi-8 helicopter.

This fundraiser will help to significantly scale the number of views of advertising materials by Russians, increase the number of Russian POWs, and thus accelerate the return of our defenders.

You can support the team on the Help Volunteer page.

Learn more about the project from the following links:

🤝 Thank you for your support!

🇺🇦 Glory to Ukraine!

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